Hi! I'm Julia, the vagabond lightchaser. My alias came out of the earlier love for Led Zeppelin music and blended into the other big passion which is photography. The roots of my photographic journey started back in Estonia, in my teenager years when I was experimenting with an old film camera Smena Symbol. But it wasn't until 2015 (my adult years) when I decided to put real efforts into mastering the skill, when I enrolled into New York Institute of Photography for remote studies. During this time I had a creative awakening and spent all my free time outdoors learning to see the world from a different perspective. In 2019 life brought me to Spain where I am based now and continuing to explore the great outdoors.

Through my images I want to tell a story about the things that do matter. This story can be told through my gravitation towards colors, textures, forms and lines in authentic way. In the later days I am especially drawn to aerial photography that allows me to capture the angles human eye wouldn't normally see. 

Looking forward to work with you on either side of the camera.