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April Snow

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Out of all things, waking up to a complete whiteout in the end of April is the least one you expect in Spain (unless you live in Iceland or Norway or elsewhere in the north where spring snow is a regular thing) . So on April 20 we woke up, opened the shutters and voila!

That was by far the biggest amount of snow we received overnight throughout the whole winter. When I opened the door to take a walk out with our dog, there was about 20+ cm of snow at the threshold. Luna was baffled at first and shortly after she was jumping in excitement and throwing herself into the snowdrifts. The street was all covered with snow. We met this view on our way to the Carrascal nature park.

However, we didn't risk to enter the park as the tree branches started breaking under the weight of snow and two of them collapsed within some centimeters away from me. Luna got scared of the noise from the falling branches and started pulling me all the way back home. As it kept snowing, after our brief walk I decided to go out alone with my camera.

One of the rare cases when I'd be out shooting in the midday but as the weather would be changing towards the end of the day, it was a unique moment to witness.

The local tractor driver cleaned the main road to make it passable.

More collapsed tree branches...

Staying alert of the potentially collapsing branches I sneaked in through to the Carrascal park. It was worth it after all.

It won't be soon I'll see this kind of scenery again.

My water-resistant leg gaiters came in very handy wandering through the nearly knee-deep snow.

By the evening the weather was already changing and snow started melting, changing its textures. The sky also turned into more dramatic so once again, not to miss a moment, the three of us went out for a walk, me with a camera, Juan - with red umbrella and Luna with desire to run free.

While Luna was running around, my eyes were desperately looking for interesting textures in the snow crust.

When I ran out of the textures, my attention was shifted to portraits of Luna. She is truly a gorgeous dog.

Juan and Luna have a tandem to enjoy sunsets together.

The sky set on fire!

This was the confidence Luna looked with into the new day.

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