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Madrid Post-Quarantine: Life Outside

Updated: May 18, 2021

The taste of freedom is tasted best when we realise what it means to have it limited.

Escaping The Cage

Nearly 3 months of pandemic raging in Spain people spent in confinement at their homes. With restrictions gradually lifted we were first allowed to leave homes for walks in the mornings between 6 am to 10 am and in the evenings between 8 pm and 11 pm.

It was that time when I opted for early morning bicycle rides with my camera in my small daypack. Passing through the Manzanares Park and on to Madrid Rio, I sharply felt the smell of blooming linden trees, that reminded me of what it's like being alive.

The first spot where I ended up uncovering my camera was footbridge Arganzuela, that was inspiring me with its modern intricate structure for a while. Standing there watching the sun rising I greeted random passers-by with a smile hidden behind the face mask. People were greeting me and smiling back at me.

Then turning around to capture a different perspective.

Up The Spiral

Riding some meters forward along the river, facing the golden light gently cuddling the objects around: sportsmen, people walking their dogs, textures in the park, textures of the Toledo bridge. This new life felt different but simple moments were more precious than ever.

These Days

Continuing my ride along Madrid Rio I'm encountering yet another stunning picture with light rays striking through the clouds over panoramic view of Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral.

Let There Be Light

Slightly hidden from the main route, there is a viewpoint Huerta de la Partida, one of my favorite places to stop by when riding around Madrid Rio.

My next call was to revisit Caso de Campo park where I took my first walk 3 years ago and was fascinated by the tall trees. Its charm hasn't gone anywhere and still makes me feel childlike happy.

Among The Tall Trees

Walk In The Park

In the continuous exploration of Casa de Campo, a new point of view gets revealed to my eyes, where I can observe the chaotic Madrid conglomeration.

But the most beautiful moments can be experienced close to your home. Like this memorable sunset observed from the viewpoint in Manzanares park. Can't recall a sky like this in Madrid for a long time, the weather during quarantine definitely had its say.

And so Madrid was awakening from the hibernation. And I want to believe we have learned some valuable lessons from that.

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