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Manzanares Walks

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

It happened that in the month of April we stayed grounded in our San Fermin district and to challenge my creativity within the neighborhood I made a series of walks in Manzanares park. It was the time observing spring, trees turning all to green, flowers blooming, sportsmen and cyclists doing their morning activities or watching the sunset from my favorite hill. And frankly, I did find some inspirations just within 15 minutes walk from home.

Even rainy days revealed some interesting scenery of the bridge over Manzanares river that I walked by so many times.

My next revelation was a cypress alley that served as nice framing for people passing through.

For the first time in two years I ended up close to the amphietheater and it immediately provoked an idea in my head.

Mornings during the working week would be the best time for not so crowded cycling path where singular sportsmen could still be spotted.

Even the invasive tamarisk display its beauty with the pink flowers.

After observing the small details, it felt good to end the day in the top of my beloved hill for a bigger picture, with a cityscape of Madrid deploying in front of my eyes.

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