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Morocco: Zen Of The Road Part II

Updated: May 18, 2021

Road to Fes

In the longer road to Fes the relief landscapes were changing to flat landscapes and vice versa with street sellers of pottery or pumpkins occasionally popping up in the middle of the way, a lot to contemplate in the road.

Counter-traffic in the road can be a mix of minivans or trucks transporting hay, motorbikes, local tuk-tuk versions or even donkeys.


If I were to describe all the dissonance and chaos met in one place, that would have to be Fes. After extensive drive we encountered a hectic medina labyrinth packed with souks, curious children and other folk eager to show us the way.

Dar Sienna was a place just in the middle of all the chaos, hidden in between the souks and bragging with its terrace offering to observe the conglomeration of medieval houses stuck close together.

Morning had the sun rise directly into the clouds. For a few moments it was even spectacular.

Friday appeared to be a lazy day with many souks being closed and Moroccan people turning their attention to religious duties.

Lazy Friday was accompanied with lazy Moroccan lunch. When it's hot outside, what else can be more pleasant than sitting in a shady terrace sipping already habitual mint tea and mixing the taste with local food ?

Fes didn't grace us with amazing sunset light either and most of the day the sky was dim and hazy, so a glimpse of the Royal Palace and a brief stroll through the Jewish quarter was a closing line of the day.

A long road to Merzouga was awaiting us.

Road To Merzouga

Passing through Middle Atlas presented us with some jaw-dropping scenes and also reminded us how tiny people are when confronted with the mountains that date back to millions of years ago. Once again hay trucks, motorbikes, local tuk-tuks and donkeys...

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