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You may be continuously hitting creative blocks, thinking that inspiration is a muse you need to wait for. What if I told you that  our creative potential is limitless ? That creativity is there hidden inside all of us, it just needs to be alimented in the right way....


I'm Julia.


I was there too.  I thought my creativity depended on the places where I traveled.

I'd be waiting for creative muse to come to start working on a project.

I also thought I needed to have more gear or more tools to create more of unique perspectives and transmit what I needed.

Through mindfulness practices I developed clarity of mind and sharp observation of things happening around me.

That allowed me to find creative approaches and get the best out of the situation with the tools I had.

It made me appreciate and love my environment more.

It also made me a calmer and a more balanced person.


I believe in a holistic approach and that being a better person is a foundation of being a better artist.

Through mindfulness practices I help individuals release
the best out of them and fulfill their creative potential.
Your holistic journey to creativity starts here.
If at any point you’ll find this journey is not for you,
you can always hit the “unsubscribe” button and move on.

Thanks for subscribing!

Mindful Capture Coaching

One on one coaching sessions with

a holistic approach to help you

foster wellbeing and developing the

creative side. Through the coaching

sessions you will learn to:


  • Practice mindfulness through the lens of your camera

  • Connect deeply with your environment

  • See beauty in the mundane

  • Translate your emotions into images that speak to you

  • Learn to apply mindful editing techniques

  • Use photography as a meditative tool to de-stress

Limited Edition Prints

These are not just prints, these are

emotional experiences, fragments

of our journey to the inner selves. 

If you are looking to transmit a

certain atmosphere in the working

or home environment, whether

that's a sentiment of peace and

tranquility, a healing energy or

something that encourages risk-taking, I will help you select the

suitable images carefully. Feel free

to reach out with your inquiries and

we will find what works best for you.


P.S. Online store is coming soon. 

Sustainability Projects

I will work with brands and

businesses commited to

sustainability efforts and care for the

environment, whose mission is to

educate us, take us outdoors and

connect us to nature. Depending on

your case, we can work on creating

ground level or aerial perspectives

or both.  Whether you are starting

your journey or in the process of

expanding, I will help your message

be seen in the most effective way,

using the tools that I have. 

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